If you're looking for a unique Xinjiang travel experience, look no further than Altus Expeditions. Aside from our popular cycling adventures, we offer a number of different exciting travel and culture opportunities that you won't find with any other travel agency.

Take a moment to read through what we offer below, and if you're still not finding exactly what you're looking for - or if you need some help developing your Xinjiang travel itinerary - we would be happy to set up a consulting call to help.

Additional Travel and Cultural Opportunities in Xinjiang

Renting a bicycle in Xinjiang, China

Rent a Bicycle

Are you looking for a bicycle rental in Xinjiang? Altus Expeditions can help get you set up with everything you need to make your trip both fun and safe. We have available for rent at our Urumqi offices:

  • Giant Bicycles: We have a number of high-quality bikes with different sizes to choose from.
  • Accessories: Whether you need helmets, extra tires, patch kits, etc...we have what you need
  • Racks & Bags: We can supply you with bike rags and panniers for your journey.

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Uyghur Cooking Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook Uyghur food? Altus Expeditions offers intimate classes in homes where you can watch and learn from a local.

Choose from popular dishes such as Uyghur polo (rice pilaf), laghman (noodles), Uyghur noodle soup or DaPanJi (Big Plate Chicken). Take notes while you enjoy the setting of an authentic Uyghur home and incredibly friendly Uyghur families.


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Renting a bicycle in Xinjiang, China