Altus Expeditions has been running bespoke cycling tours in Xinjiang for over three years. Whether you're a hardcore cycling enthusiasts or you just want an opportunity to leisurely experience Xinjiang in a different way, we have a tour that will fit your needs.

Sure, you can bring your own bike and try to cycle around Xinjiang like many people have. What you'll run into is plenty of problems with local authorities and difficulty getting to different places. We have the connections and "guanxi" to make sure that the trip goes smoothly and that you get to experience everything that you hope to experience while you're here.

If you're interested to do your own tour of Xinjiang on bicycle, feel free to check out our page on Xinjiang bicycle rentals.

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Commitment to Safety

We are committed to your safety, which is why we keep our bikes properly maintained and are prepared for almost any repair issue that may come up. In addition, each Altus Expeditions staff member is certified in Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) in the case of any emergency.

Altus Expeditions is Wilderness Advance First Aid Certified   As seen in Lonely Planet

Popular Cycling Trips in Xinjiang

Central Xinjiang Tour

9 Days
  • Tent along Sayram Lake
  • Cycle through gorgeous grassland
  • Coast down the stunning Du-ku Valley
  • Visit ancient Silk Road ruins
  • Meet Uyghur, Kazakh, Hui & Mongols
  • Vehicle Assisted
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9-Day KKH Cycle Tour

9 Days
  • Tashkorgan (Old Silk Road Stop)
  • Climb Mt. Muztaghata
  • Camp at Karakul Lake
  • Oytagh Glacier Park
  • Fabled City of Kashgar
  • Vehicle Assisted
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Turpan Adventure Tour

6 days
  • Cycle ancient Silk Road cities
  • Camel trek in the desert
  • Homestay in an old Uyghur village
  • Climb the Flaming Mountains
  • Cooking lessons from a local
  • Vehicle Assisted
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The itineraries listed above have been tested over a number of years and we're confident you'll be satisfied with the experience. If, however, you would like a more customized trip for a group of 6 or more participants, we will be happy to work with you to make that happen. Use the button you see here to contact us with your request!

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