Altus Expeditions is an outdoor adventure travel consultancy that offers multi-day cycling, backpacking and hiking adventures in China’s most exotic and culturally diverse region of Xinjiang.

We are proud to offer unique adventure travel packages designed with the foreign traveler in mind. Our premier equipment, including a new fleet of mountain bikes, is made up of leading name brands in the outdoor adventure industry. We seek to challenge participants physically while also providing a high standard quality and safety.

The Altus Expeditions Team in Kashgar, Xinjiang

Who We Are

Altus Expeditions is a US-owned and operated company based in the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi. We are a growing team of regional experts who each have over a decade of experience living and traveling in this part of the world. We’d love to introduce you to the travel team!

  • Chris Dunn | Executive Director – Chris, an American from Pennsylvania, first arrived to Xinjiang in 2005 and has been doing business in the region for over 6 years. An avid outdoorsman (and a handsome one at that!), Chris established Xinjiang Altus International in 2013 with the desire to make adventure tours along the Silk Road accessible to the average tourist. He now lives with his wife and four children in the capital of Urumqi.
  • Josh Summers | Marketing Director – Raised in the great state of Texas (USA), it’s only natural that Josh would somehow find himself in the untamed, “wild west” of China. Shortly after his arrival in 2006, Josh began writing about the region and eventually published the only comprehensive travel guide to the region, Xinjiang: A Traveler’s Guide to Far West China. Although he considers Karamay his Xinjiang “home”, Josh now lives with his wife and son in Urumqi.
  • Philip (小陈) | Office Manager – Born and raised in Shanghai, Philip has been living in Xinjiang for over two decades now. Philip is the oil that makes the Altus Expeditions team run smoothly and although he wouldn’t identify himself as an outdoor adventurer, he’s taken his turn cycling the Karakoram Highway and come out the other side unscathed. He, his wife and two children reside in Urumqi.


Our Story…in a Nutshell

It all boils down to the fact that we love Xinjiang. Many people pass through this area as teachers, travelers or on business but due to the sheer size of the region, very few people get to experience most of what Xinjiang has to offer.

Each member of the Altus Expeditions team has experience with specific cultures here in Xinjiang, from the well-known Uyghur majority to the lesser-known Tajik minority. We’ve cycled through their villages and hiked among their flocks of sheep.

Our frustration was that despite our spirit of adventure, very few travel companies offered truly “off the beaten path” tours that excited us. Instead of sulking about it, we naturally decided to create something ourselves.

In partnership with local travel agencies, we began putting together trips for each other and our friends until it finally made sense to start a company that would market these same trips to travelers across the world. We get to do what we love in a place that we love. What more could you ask for?